Understanding How a Data Center Functions – Andre Blog

Two separate utility feeds or two major substations. Two power chains that are redundant could be created. It’s however expensive. A more popular option is to have a primary power source from a utility plant and a backup power source by diesel generator. The utility generator backup and feed include a variety of switches that ensure sufficient redundancy to the data center.

Let’s look at one of the crucial aspects of distribution of power to data centers. The power source is a range of 2-30 kilovolts. The transformer reduces the voltage to around 480 volts. A transformer transfers energy to a switch which determines the time when power can’t be provided for the building as a result of brownouts or blackouts. In the event that the utility power is cut off, the transfer switch signals the generators that are used for backup to switch on. The information above will help you understand everything you should be aware of the power distribution in the data center.


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